As a long-time Marvel fan, I thought it would be incredibly useful to learn data visualization by studying data from various Marvel films, and noting the patterns between their distributor, budget, revenue, and other factors. All charts were created using Flourish, a data visualization and storytelling tool.

Use the link below to explore the data on your own!


Below is a searchable database of the data. It includes a mini bar chart of revenue, divided between North America and other territories.

This bar chart shows the budget of each Marvel film. Avengers: Endgame had the largest budget, totalling to $356,000,000, while the smallest was The Punisher, a 2004 Lionsgate film with a budget of only $33,000,000.

The line chart below shows the worldwide revenue amassed by each Marvel film in order of their release date. Each of the Avengers movies is a higher point on the graph, which shows the larger fanbase behind this group of heros being together in movies. Other notable high points include the three recent Spider-Man movies.

This packed circle visualization shows the hierarchy of which Marvel movies are made by each of the distributors and what proportion of North American revenue is made by each distributor and film.

In this treemap visualization, each square represents the budget for each distributor and each film by nesting the films within their respective distributor.

The basic scatter plot below places the budget of each film on the X-Axis and its worldwide revenue on the Y-Axis to create a positive trendline of the relationship between the input and the results. Avengers: Endgame has the highest budget, but it also has the highest revenue by far totaling $357,115,007.

This visualization features a box plot of budgets for each distributor. New Line Cinema, Lionsgate Films, IMax Entertainment, and 20th Century Studios have the smallest budgets, but also have produced less Marvel films.

In this violin plot visualization, the distributor is on the X-axis and the worldwide revenue earned is on the Y-axis. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures has the largest spread of the distributors.

Last, here is a survey of the data that can organize Marvel Films by distributor, revenue, budget, and other factors.


In conclusion, I believe that Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures is the most successful distributor of Marvel movies. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures has produced the most Marvel films with 20 films under its belt, but while 20th Century Fox comes close with 17 films, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures has by far the highest margin of success when it comes to worldwide revenue.

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