Google Analytics Individual Qualification

Issued September 25th, 2023

LinkedIn Learning

Media Relations Foundations

Issued April 30th, 2024

Writing with Impact

Issued April 24th, 2024

WordPress Essential Training

Issued March 14th, 2024

Content Creation: Strategy and Tools

Issued December 21st, 2023

Photoshop Tips, Tricks, & Techniques

Issued December 18th, 2023

Sales Strategies and Approaches in a New World of Selling

Issued October 4th, 2023

Google Analytics (GA4): Audience-Building and Segmentation

Issued September 22nd, 2023

Mobile Marketing Strategy

Issued September 7th, 2023

International Business Foundations

Issued May 4th, 2023

Writing a Resume

Issued January 10th, 2023