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Advertising & Public Relations

Ethics and Leadership

Spring 2024 (In Progress)

Course Description: Uses case studies to examine the types of ethical challenges that face professional communicators across a variety of contexts, while requiring students to analyze those situations critically. The role of leadership in navigating ethical dilemmas is highlighted, as are several case studies where ethical questions intersect with diversity-related issues.

Skills: Communication, Problem-Solving, Context Analysis, Mindfulness

Intercultural Communication

Spring 2024 (In Progress)

Course Description: An introduction to contemporary and foundational concepts, practices, and processes of intercultural communication. Topics include the complex nature of social and cultural identities; privilege, power and oppression in historical and contemporary society; representations of cultures and identities in popular media; nonverbal codes and cultural space; and the relationship between language and culture. Special emphasis will be on ethical and mindful intercultural communication and social justice.

Skills: Communication, Creative Writing, Mindfulness, Self-Awareness, Canva

Methods: Adobe Creative Suite

Fall 2023

Course Description: This course is an introduction to the industry standard software package for professional designers and communicators. Students will focus on core concepts and techniques that apply to work flow in Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat Pro and Illustrator. The course emphasizes basic design principles, visual literacy and the technical skills necessary to develop effective designs for print, web and other applications.

Skills: Adobe Color, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat Pro

Introduction to Advertising and Public Relations

Fall 2023

Course Description: This course introduces students to the fields of advertising and public relations, along with fundamental concepts and theories behind effective advertising and public relations practices. The course will provide students with a solid foundation for understanding both disciplines, including historic and contemporary perspectives, ethical and legal issues, best practices, job opportunities, and the components of successful advertising and public relations campaigns.

Skills: Media Analysis, Ad Design, PR Writing, Campaign Planning

Public Speaking

Spring 2023

Course Description: Basic principles of effective extemporaneous speaking to inform and persuade an audience. Emphasizes audience analysis, idea development, organization and delivery skills. Students deliver, listen to and criticize classroom speeches.

Skills: Research, Speech-Writing, Oral Communication

Intro to Comm/Media Theory

Spring 2023

Course Description: An introductory exploration of theories about communication and mass media, with particular emphasis on how the media shapes public discourse and drives understanding. Consideration is given to how media conveys power dynamics and reinforces or challenges stereotypes, often via aesthetic choices about how a story is presented. The course also explores some non-media theories, including theories about human interaction.

Skills: Video Production, Research, Written Analysis, Teamwork

Essentials of Digital Media

Fall 2022

Course Description: This course includes basic operating concepts of computers and a hands-on introduction to word processing, email, spreadsheets, presentations, search, website creation, and other uses. Students will be introduced to the design and production requirements for documents and content for web distribution.

Skills: Website Design, HTML, CSS, Microsoft PowerPoint, Interviewing Skills, Teamwork, Figma, Adobe Color, Visual Studio Code

Professional Sales

Professional Selling

Spring 2024 (In Progress)

Course Description: This course is intended to provide students with a practical understanding of the principles of selling, the sales process, and the experiences and skills essential to become successful at selling. The course will also explore selling careers and various sales structures and compensation options.

Skills: Relationship Building, Marketing, Personal Selling Strategies, Interpersonal Communication

Principles of Macroeconomics

Spring 2023

Course Description: Introduces aggregate economics. Emphasizes current issues such as unemployment, inflation, stagflation, monetary and fiscal policies, and international economics.

Skills: Presentation Skills, Written Communication, Oral Communication, Teamwork, Event Planning, Graph Analysis, Data Analysis



Fall 2023

Course Description: The study of business activities planned and implemented to facilitate the exchange or transfer of products and services so that both parties benefit. Examines markets and segments, as well as product, price, promotion and channel variable decisions. Considers marketing in profit and nonprofit sectors and in the international setting.

Skills: Presentation Skills, Written Communication, Teamwork, Data Analysis, Break Even Analysis, Marketing Planning


Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)

Spring 2024 (In Progress)

Course Description: The communications practicum is a supervised practical application of knowledge in a given area of study – journalism, public relations, radio, video and sports. The practicum presents unique opportunities that go beyond traditional classroom learning, allowing students to fully understand aspects of their chosen field or explore others.

Skills: Presentation Skills, Written Communication, Teamwork, Event Planning, Resume Development, News Release Writing, Feature Article Writing, Op-Ed Writing

Central Curriculum

Literature Studies

Spring 2024 (In Progress)

Course Description: Course surveying a particular theme or topic of literary study and fostering in students the capacity for critical thinking.

Skills: Literature Analysis, Poetry Analysis, Argumentative Writing, Creative Writing

Professional Development

Fall 2023

Course Description: This course focuses on identifying and clarifying individual values, skills, interests, and personality type to develop suitable career objectives, placing emphasis on the connections between career preparation, academic choices, and co-curricular activities. Students learn how to construct a resume and cover letter and how to conduct an employment search. Primary theories used to teach career planning and development include trait and factor, developmental, learning, and socioeconomic theories.

Skills: Networking, Resume Development, Professional Writing, Career Planning

Introduction to Statistics

Spring 2023

Course Description: A basic introduction to data analysis, descriptive statistics, probability, Bayes’ Theorem, distributions of random variables, and topics in statistical inference.

Skills: Analytics, Problem-Solving

Global Business Perspectives

Fall 2022

Course Description: This course offers an overview of business fundamentals, functional areas of business, business careers and opportunities provided by the Sigmund Weis School of Business. The course enables students to assess their interest in business, and it prepares them for their subsequent business courses and careers. A project-based approach enables the integration of critical thinking, strategic analysis, teamwork, and communication skills. The course culminates with team presentations of case analyses to invited business executives.

Skills: Analytics, Problem-Solving, Teamwork, Leadership, Oral Communication, Written Communication, Presentation Skills, Microsoft Suite

Europe, 1648 to Present

Fall 2022

Course Description: Modern Europe from the dawn of science and Enlightenment thought to the end of communism and after. Focuses on political, intellectual, cultural and social developments, showing the ways in which ideas shaped people’s daily lives. Pays special attention to the human impact of the modern state’s development, as well as industrialization, empire building, modernism, world war and genocide.

Skills: Written Argument Development, Analysis, Research, Note-Taking